Starting off 2017 with comfortable and warm outfits. 

Hi guys I've missed you! Hope you have had a lovely January. I started a new job and I'm moving in with Aleksi in February to our first own home. I'm so excited! I have already chosen almost all of the furniture, but let's see what Aleksi says about my choices...

Right now I'm a little bit sick, my throat hurts so bad. I'm just laying in bed and hoping I get better by the evening because I have work. I was thinking of filming a new make up vlog today, but lets see if I'm up for it. 

January has been a lot of ups and downs, but mostly everything is fine. I've been cutting back sugar and hitting the gym more. I really want to be in the best shape I have ever been this summer. 

Oh and I got this Furla bag as a gift for Christmas. Isn't it pretty? Black and gold are always my favorite combo, especially with bags. 

I haven't been shopping that much because it's just so cold and hard to wear anything nice. I just want to be warm and comfortable. I really want to go on a trip soon to somewhere sunny. I didn't have a chance to go anywhere this winter yet because I've been studying to someday get to study my masters degree. In the summer I want to go to at least Italy and Berlin. How about you guys, do you have any plans for the summer?

Btw I also changed my hair this month back to a darker brown which is my own color. I used to have a little bit of a blondish balayage/highlights going on for fall and winter. Also my friend dyed my brows and eye lashes for the first time so now they are a bit more enhanced. We just made the color a little more stronger and the outcome was really nice. I really love it, because I don't always use make up and now I really love how I look naturally. She definitely has to dye them again next month!

Coat Zara
Bag Furla
Jeans Zara
Turtleneck shirt Zara
Shoes Simmi shoes